Bitcoin Is Transformation

The New Wealth Paradigm for the People

Bitcoin is an evolutionary catalyst that helps to heal the unresolved wounds of the past connected to money and power while creating a template for the future built upon trust and equal opportunity.

In this incredibly unique course you will discover not only the foundational principles about Bitcoin, but you will also understand how it serves an important transformational function within the collective at this time.

Each of the key operational features of this “digital gold” provides an opening for healing in relationship to money wounding and trauma born from distortions of power.

As a holistic clinician and educator I’ve developed a framework over the last two decades that articulates transformation and the necessary “ingredients” for transformation that is Integratabtle on a cultural scale.

There are five key elements to genuine transformation that encompasses both the linear and the quantum, and they relate to the Chinese five elements.

The five key ‘Medicines' are:

Presence (fire-south): transforms wounds of betrayal and broken trust creating healthy intimacy.

Power (water-north): transforms wounds born of distortions in power and creates new legacy.

Perspective (wood-east): transforms hopelessness and resentment and awakens the creative visionary.

Acknowledgment (metal-west): transforms regret and stuck grief and brings us into knowing of true value/worth.

Nourishment (earth - center): transforms wounds of neglect / abandonment and creates healthy community with a foundation of equality.

These five keys are both the path and the Medicine.

Through this course you will come to understand how Bitcoin’s potential for healing and transformation is connected to each of the Elements. It is, in part, facilitating this paradigm shift that we are in the midst of.

Bitcoin is an evolutionary catalyst that helps to heal the unresolved wounds of the past connected to money and power while creating a template for the future built upon trust and equal opportunity.

It’s completely revolutionary.

The third module of this program gives you the foundational information that you need in order to begin to safely and wisely invest if that is what you desire.

"Thank you so much for offering that wonderful and hopeful information regarding cryptocurrency! I came knowing nothing about it, but incredibly curious. I love that you are my guide into this new world of opportunity! You are such a brilliant conduit for understanding new worlds and technologies. You have done so much of the research that I, honestly, would not have the time or energy to do. I have more optimism about my financial future than I have ever had! You are amazing and it is such a gift to know you!"

- Wynter

Your Instructor

Tiffany Carole M.S., LAc., EAMP
Tiffany Carole M.S., LAc., EAMP

Tiffany is an international teacher, dynamic speaker, successful entrepreneur, and writer. Through her heart centered works, she transmits the fundamental essence and language of energetic medicine. She illuminates that which is emergent as well the "first principles" which create the foundation for shared experience; she does this so that we may step into our role as conscious co-creators.

Tiffany bridges the richness within the worlds of the seen and the unseen, and helps make this process transparent and illuminated so that others may do the same. In this way Tiffany serves as a Cultural Midwife, supporting innovators, healers, teachers and leaders and they birth their future Self.

Tiffany is a “teacher of teachers,” creatively engaging the sensitive leaders of today and supporting their births of brilliance. She facilitates emergence out of old and constricting paradigms without disrespecting our ancestral past. She serves to catalyzes the sprouting and blossoming into the blueprint which we all carry; that we may become our most natural, unencumbered selves.

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