Rose with Endings, Transitions and Loss


Rose is an exceptional oil to support all of these transitional states. 

It does this in a paradoxical way: 

By facilitating a very singular Heart Presence and instantaneous ‘attachment’ to the moment, pathological or non-productive attachment can be radically released. This is profound indeed. 

In the case of an Ending, Rose can bring in poignant nostalgia, opening the Heart, and with this opening the trapped anticipatory pain of the ‘end’ can move. 

With Transitions Rose can remind the Heart if it’s capacity for ever-newness, which help engender and give way to the grace and flow of Heart energy in all things. Every transition goes better if it flows from an activated and vibrant Heart. 

In regards to Loss Rose is singularly potent. The transmission of Compassionate Acceptance and the paradox of the number One (representing both birth and return to the undifferentiated One) are spiritually potent. Rose can be used at the time of one passing for either the one transitioning or for the loved ones. It can continue to be used after the passing to facilitate healthy release and Acceptance. This Acceptance extends its Medicine into the crevices where regret or resentment may linger. As it penetrates and engenders a field of both self to self and self to other forgiveness it continues to support the healthy flowing process of Loss and Transitions. 

If you work in Hospice or are in end of life settings, please carry Rose oil with you at all times.🥀 

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