Aroma Point Mastery - February 2024

Transformation and Soulful Facilitation Through Essential Oils


Root Deeper. Expand Higher.

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Allow Your Passion for Essential Oils to Guide Soul-Level Change and Joyous Transformation for You and Your Community

Follow Your Calling

Let Your Love of the Oils Lead the Way

Discover Your TrueVoice

Journey to Your Empowered Self

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What is APM and Who's it For?

Strengthen who you are

Build confidence in what you offer

Grow your capacity to transmit what you love

Aroma Point Mastery: Transformation and Soulful Facilitation Through Essential Oils

The APM Program takes place over 9 months and will leave you positively changed for life.

This isn't just another training, this is a journey of self to Self: A journey of integrations and creations. It's an opportunity to gestate and birth the next expression of yourself in the world, with loving Guidance and Community support.

Aroma Point Mastery gives you the knowledge to powerfully combine both key acupoints and essential oils to transform imbalance on the physical, emotional, and mental levels for adults, children, and teens. You can help transform trans-generational trauma for those who want and need it.

Each month introduces a theme with specific protocols to guide us with reflecting and tuning into ourselves as we learn how to discern and profoundly understand what is really going on in our emotional, physical, and mental bodies so that we may honor what we need.

The themes allow us to fine tune our intuition and connection to ourselves, which opens access to a more expansive wisdom with a broader perspective of our lives and the world. This in turn allows us to become more present and compassionate towards ourselves and others as well.

This modality magnifies and clarifies your oil infused creations; helping them to be and become effective ‘change agents’ in the world.

Some take this journey for themselves and their family, others have a desire for professional enhancement.

You will learn Chinese and Energetic Medicine principles that help to build your confidence, clarity and intuition in regards to use of of essential oils in todays world

Aroma Point Mastery is virtual. Each month you’ll join live virtual engagements in addition to 24/7 access to recorded content in the course portal.

Here’s What Aroma Point Mastery Training Includes...

  • Aroma Point Therapy (APT) techniques that amplify any holistic healing arts modality. You become a level one Aroma Point Therapy certificate holder.
  • Energetic assessments that bridge the logical and intuitive for more holistic understanding
  • Inner Nature of Essential Oils
  • Inner Nature of Key Acupoints
  • Brilliant protocols for the most common energetic imbalances
  • Potent sequences for energy center balancing & for each season
  • Opportunity to discover or refine your own protocols and treatments
  • Charts and templates for your classes or client sessions
  • “Emergent” teaching style: This cultivates empowerment and community instead of dominator hierarchy and boredom
  • Soul ‘diagnostics’ and understanding the framework for working with the oils at a Soul level~ individually and collectively
  • Ethics and Safety with EOs training and resources; giving you peace-of-mind and confidence
  • Opportunity, in smaller group sessions, to cultivate greater clarity with your visions for EO inspired education and facilitation, or simply take your personal relationship with the oils much deeper.
  • Bonus modules in marketing your events and trainings
  • Mentorship and guidance

  • As anAroma Point Mastery graduate you have ongoing access to evolving and updated materials for your learning and your professional use

This ground-breaking training vitally infuses the creations that you have been dreaming of, or perhaps already have in works.

It brings the energy of abundance and prosperity to all aspects of your Being; opening passageways of flow, creativity and integration to you and your work.

This is for anyone who has a passion for essential oils and healing. This includes acupuncturists, body workers, therapists, PT’s, nurses, hospice care providers, heart centered EO educators, aroma-therapists, herbalist’s, energy workers, yoga teachers and yoga therapists, hypnotherapists and nutritionists.

It’s time to embrace the more expansive potential of the oils you love. You know that you’re alive and on the planet right now for an important reason. And you’re ready to, with grace and steadiness, take a more substantial stand in the creation of what’s to come.

If you want your own creative autonomy and voice, AND you love the idea of support: The right kind of support that allows you to be You. The kind that allows you to become, more and more the You you envision and imagine, then Aroma Point Mastery is here for you.

When You Join Aroma Point Mastery, Here’s What You Get Access To...

  • The Aroma Point Mastery Portal. This APM nexus is filled with incredible resources to support your development and integrations with EO’s, leadership and facilitations. The material is curated and created specifically for this Training.
  • A fabulously rich and inspiring 2 ½ hour live, virtual workshop each month for 9 months. (Each workshop is recorded, so you can access it anytime). See Q & A section for dates and times. Plus small group mentorship.
  • Interactive office hours live/virtual: One 90 minute session per month. See Q & A section for days and times.
  • Gorgeous and professional charts and protocols sheets with legal permissions to use.
  • Our private forum.
  • Bonus: Entire APT Fundamentals course online (this includes 14 NCCAOM CEUs). This course is an incredible resource for time tested Aroma Point protocols for the Mental, Emotional, and Physical well-being.
  • Rich and timely pre-recorded trainings including topics such as Getting Clear on Your Core Vision and Personal Medicine, How to Grow Your Tribe & Co-create Flourishing Community, Staying Steady in Times of Change, Releasing Abundance Blocks with Essential Oils, Emergent Facilitation, How to Create Engaging Video and Audio Content, The Magnetism of Authenticity: There is no one else like You.
  • The time, space, and resources to deeply understand and integrate 32 key oils for these times.
  • The time, space, and resources to understand the Inner Nature and location of 22 key Acupoints.
  • Bonus: A virtual workshop that helps you get your own online school started (This workshop is pre-recorded and available for access whenever you’re ready).
  • Regional group connection options to enhance success and engagement.
  • Optional 20 NCCAOM CEUs (additional charge of $200.00)

In addition, with your registration, you’ll receive 5 additional bonus courses to support your journey:

Bonus Courses (Total Value of $1,384):

Courses Included with Purchase

12 Key Techniques for Creating Impactful Virtual Events
Facilitate Virtual Engagements that Make an Impact and Leave You Feeling Brilliant
Tiffany Carole MS LAc., EAMP
Shrinking Practice, Growing Life!
A Journey to Self and Expansion that is Rooted in the Truth of Abundance on All Levels
Tiffany Carole MS LAc., EAMP
Create Your Virtual & Online Offering Now!
Now is the time! You got this... we can do this together - In two days - YES
Tiffany Carole MS LAc., EAMP
Super Nova Support Pack for Online Creators!
Launch Strategies, Magnetic Promotions & Aligning Your Message with Your Core Vision
Tiffany Carole MS LAc., EAMP
Aroma Point Therapy Fundamentals
Essential Oils + Acupoints = Profound Healing
Tiffany Carole MS LAc., EAMP
12 payments of $35/month

I know that it can be worrisome to think about investing money in education when times are so uncertain. But this is the IDEAL time to invest in yourself and grow yourself: To prepare for the future and create offerings that are made for these times.

If we don't grow and change and evolve then we suffer and our income suffers.

Aroma Point Mastery is all about powering up. It's so thoughtfully created and put together to support you practically (including financially), and soulfully. And you have an extraordinarily experienced Guide, plus the guidance and brilliance of the community coming together at this time for Aroma Point Mastery.

As you grow, your brilliant magnetism grows

As you develop, your true ability to influence develops

As you evolve your creations evolve

Over the years I have found that when I invest in myself, by following a knowing in my Heart, abundance on all levels is the direct result. When I grow, everything good grows with me.

From my Heart to Yours, I invite you to grow with me: To join me on this journey.

Big Love,


See what others are saying...

“Aroma Point Mastery was an invitation to an unknown mystery that my soul gave a resounding ‘YES’ to. I had no expectations of the 9 months that would come- just an open heart and mind and a knowing that the oils were going to support me on a beautiful fun adventure. Aroma Point mastery was a journey through time and space in which I found pieces of myself I lost, pieces I didn't even know were gone, pieces from this lifetime and perhaps pieces I lost in another life. The journey was an invitation to rebirth myself. I was the creation! My DNA has been upgraded. I now operate from a new level of consciousness and every moment is an active prayer- I am embodied intention."

-Michelle Calio, LMT

"I attended Aroma Point Mastery 20-21 and it has been a transformative journey and great loving expansion.
You learn to use essential oils at a high vibrating level. You start by walking the path yourself (in the group community) and expand to learn how to give Aroma Point Therapy to others.

If you are ready to step up for yourself and in your contributions to the world, this is a great path."

- Roselina Dalsgard

“The depth and richness of this course was spectacular!

It was a beautiful 9 month journey of exploration, an embodied learning experience.

The monthly live gatherings online were a sacred sweet spot for me to land in, coming together with a village and creating our own experiences as we shared them in our own storytelling, whilst also having the absolute honor to receive the medicine and Magic of Tiffany’s teachings in a live intentional space.

Tiffany is one of my absolute favorite teachers in this time on the planet!

The depth of her knowledge and richness of her own experiences and intuitive understanding is remarkable. Her way of teaching is exquisite, delivering her medicine through storytelling and intuitive guidance.

She has a way of communicating the messages and innate wisdom these incredible plant allies (essential oils) have to share with us and how we can deepen our relationship with them.

The education material available to us throughout each monthly theme and on the essential oils we were using was remarkable!

The added bonus material was so generous and really created space for more opportunity to go deeper with our learning and growth. Gifting us more ways to support our creative offerings.

I would highly recommend this course and any of Tiffany's other courses to anyone wanting to deepen their relationship not only with essential oils but also themselves."

- Siobhan Kilshaw

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course begins with our first live virtual workshop Saturday, February 3rd. Additionally, the course portal officially opens as soon as you register and you can begin to access all Bonus Courses. It ends in October and you will continue to have access to all of the recorded live engagements and the Aroma Point Mastery Portal to explore and revisit as needed. The potent and playful live virtual workshops are 2 ½ hours long from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. pacific. They take place once per month on the first Saturday of the month via Zoom. The workshops are recorded if you cannot attend live.
How long do I have access to the course?
Your access to recordings, charts, teaching aids, and original course support materials never expires!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We believe that we want the same things: For you to be happy and content with your decision to do this. It is a significant commitment of your resources. For this reason we ask that you be intentional with your choice. Feel it - your desire, the pull, the inspiration. Feel the knowing in your heart and the trust in your bones that you have been guided to this program at this time. Honor this commitment that you are making to yourself. Refund Policy: If for any reason you decide not to take part in Aroma Point Mastery, you have one week from the date of your enrollment to request a refund. Send us an email and we will refund your tuition. After the first week of your enrollment no refunds are offered, and you are fully responsible for your entire payment plan. Refund Policy: If for any reason you decide not to take part APT Mastery Program within one week from the date of your your enrollment, send us an email and we will refund your tuition. After the first week of your enrollment no refunds are offered, and you are fully responsible for your entire payment plan.
When are the live virtual Office Hours?
In addition to the Workshop, there is one live, virtual, office hour engagement that happens each month. They are all recorded if you cannot make them live you can easily access the replay. Format: Zoom video conferencing; special topics covered + Q & A
Can I use the materials and charts in my creations and offerings?
YES! This is one of the incredible values of this training: It comes with legit permissions to use and re-purpose some of the materials. This includes point location PDF's, protocols for different conditions and seasons, plus EO Inner Nature summaries. This alone will save you a lot of time and money when it comes to your content and offerings.
I feel called to this, but I have questions. Can I talk with you?
GREAT! Please email [email protected] and she can help you set up a time to speak with Tiffany.
Are there CEUs included and is there an extra cost?
Yes, we are happy to announce that there are 14 NCCAOM included. If you would like an additional 20 core/category 1 NCCAOM CEUs, they are available to you upon the course ending in June for an additional $200.00.
I have already purchased 1 or more of the Bonus Courses; does that mean I get a discount?
Because they are "bonuses" for the main course itself and free additional content, there is no discount given on the cost of the APM. We have priced this course at such an incredible value. We believe you will feel the same as you begin to dive in!

Your Instructor

Tiffany Carole MS LAc., EAMP
Tiffany Carole MS LAc., EAMP

Tiffany Carole, a life-long teacher, has an uncanny way of of honoring both the logical and intuitive in such a way that allows for brilliant integrations and meaningful upgrades in development on all levels.

Tiffany draws on her background in science and naturopathic medicine, and merges this with her deep passion and developmental understanding of Chinese and energetic medicine. Tiffany is the creator and facilitator of Aroma Point Therapies, creator of the Master Healer program, teaches professionally accredited seminars in The Treatment of Addictions with Energetic Medicine, The Treatment of Mental and Emotional Conditions with Essentials Oils, and Pelvic Care with Essential Oils. She has many other unique courses that support Empathic individuals, Children, Teens and those desiring to transform trans-generational trauma.

Tiffany is the co-creator of Blue Dolphin Essential Oils for children and a contributor to Monara Essential Oils, supporting those in the healing arts with quality essential oils and education. Tiffany is a published author of Chinese and Energetic Medicine articles and is an activist in regards to personal and collective empowerment through natural medicine.

Course Curriculum

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