Transforming The Elements: Supporting the Mental and Emotional with Essential Oils

Seasonal Support + Potent Transformative Context and Technique for Mental and Emotional Healing

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Discover And Remember The Elements With A New Degree Of Richness

In this virtual, co-creative learning time, you will connect with essential oils as allies for aiding in healing and transformation of the primary core imbalances in the Mental and Emotional sphere.
The Elements and the seasons provide both a framework and metaphorical map that guide us in our return Home: Our return and re-discovery of our innate Naturalness and Inner Brilliance.
Learn a splendidly effective way to work with the oils and the Elements in order to support the complexities that we see today.

The Chinese Five Elements provide a stunning template for understanding both our struggles and pathology, as well as our potential for ease of being and living in an authentic nature. In a time when we regularly experience disconnection from nature, dancing with Elemental understandings can bring depth of discovery and resolution to so many syndrome patterns that we treat today.

In this virtual, yet interactive and restorative time together, we will explore both a historical and present-time perspective on the Five Elements and the Five Spirits associated with each element, as well as evolving understanding for shock and trauma.

The system of the Five Spirits is symbolic representation of human consciousness. Each spirit presides over a particular aspect of the nervous system, a specific form of awareness and a level of the psyche. Each spirit has a ‘function and terrain’ in the body, and at the same time unfolds as an expression of the divine in human life. Connecting with the symbology and mythology of the Spirits and the Elements in this way allows one to understand their own inner terrain as a rich and fertile crucible for transformation while at the same time letting in the profound reality of our 'collective’ experience. This perspective can open up a vast space of seeing and allowing; for discerning the subtle differences that are in fact needed for treating the physical and soul level simultaneously.

In respect to healing, unresolved shock, trauma and addiction are the top three challenges on the path of soul evolution. They represent not only personal hurdles that must be overcome in order to move forward, but also pockets of collective pain and stagnation. By gently and effectively illuminating and clearing this stuck energy profound change can happen both in the individual and in the community.

In this virtual-seminar you will discover the bigger context for shock and trauma, one that is supported by Elemental understandings. This context creates more spaciousness in order to allow for transcendent healing to occur both within you and your patients.

On a practical level, this will take your clinical skills and outcomes to the next level. It will be a fertile training ground to drop deeper into your intuitive “listening” skills and an opportunity to get to know first hand the potency and importance of using essential oils in order to catalyze healing.

The Elements
Wood: Where There is Perspective we can see more of what’s true and justice is fostered

Fire: Where there's Presence we know the truth of connection and love is engendered
Earth: Where there is Nourishment the Soul is fed and integration is catalyzed
Metal: Where there is Acknowledgement that which is unseen becomes seen and all is transformed
Water: Where there is Authentic power we create wisdom and new legacy is generated

In this virtual discovery time, you will connect with essential oils as allies for aiding in healing of each Element and
learn a splendidly effective way to work with the oils and the Elements in order to support the complexities that we see today.

If you are interested in the treatment of the mental and emotional realm and the evolution of the human soul then you won’t want to miss this class. If you are drawn to the essential oils, knowing that they possess the power to facilitate healing then you’ll be in heaven!

A few other things to note:
This course is open to anyone who is drawn to working with EO’s and is on a healing path. You do not need to be an acupuncturist or licensed health care practitioner to take this; you are welcome to learn and discover for your own edification.

Point location charts / PDF's are part of the curriculum and your awesome course resources.

Essential oils used are not included in the course fees, although you are given a list of recommended oils and its suggested that you obtain these oils for optimal experience.

What previous participants have shared...
Even though I have many tools in my medicine bag to help me heal, there are places where I’m stuck, where my tools cannot transform the disconnection of unresolved emotions, the fascial imprints from past traumas, or the energetic residues of past medications. Aroma Acupoint Therapy is a golden key that unlocks the door toward integration, healing hidden shadows that prevent us from becoming our true selves.
- Thi Nguyen-Phuoc

I absolutely love your classes. I wish the seminar had lasted for another two days! You are great teachers with wonderful energy. It’s such a treat to feel that one’s teachers are passionate about what they are teaching. Thank you for your enthusiasm, commitment and love for the oils that you share with us.
- Anais Crouzoulon LAc

This was the best seminar I have ever attended. You reminded me why we all practice this medicine ... the magic, the science, the purpose, the connection to nature and spirit, and the power of plant medicine.
- Elisa Angelone LAc

Tiffany is truly a blessing in my life. She has changed how I use oils but also how I clinically practice and integrate it into my different aspects of professional life. Thanks you Tiffany!
- Emily Bessemer PT

Your Instructor

Tiffany Carole MS LAc., EAMP
Tiffany Carole MS LAc., EAMP

Tiffany Carole, a life-long teacher, has an uncanny way of of honoring both the logical and intuitive in such a way that allows for brilliant integrations and meaningful upgrades in development on all levels.

Tiffany draws on her background in science and naturopathic medicine, and merges this with her deep passion and developmental understanding of Chinese and energetic medicine. Tiffany is the creator and facilitator of Aroma Point Therapies, creator of the Master Healer program, teaches professionally accredited seminars in The Treatment of Addictions with Energetic Medicine, The Treatment of Mental and Emotional Conditions with Essentials Oils, and Pelvic Care with Essential Oils. She has many other unique courses that support Empathic individuals, Children, Teens and those desiring to transform trans-generational trauma.

Tiffany is the co-creator of Blue Dolphin Essential Oils for children and a contributor to Monara Essential Oils, supporting those in the healing arts with quality essential oils and education. Tiffany is a published author of Chinese and Energetic Medicine articles and is an activist in regards to personal and collective empowerment through natural medicine.

Course Curriculum

  Wood Element: From Anger, Rage and Frustration to Liberating Perspective
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Safety with Essential Oils in Chinese Medicine
What You Need to Know to Safely Incorporate Essential Oils into Your Practice
Tiffany Carole MS LAc., EAMP

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