Aroma Point Therapy Fundamentals

Essential Oils + Acupoints = Profound Healing

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Unlock the Power of Essential Oils to Vitalize and Enrich Your Healing Arts Practice

Aroma Point Therapy, or APT, refers to a practice and technique that combines the healing potency of essential oils with specific acupoints or body zones in order to catalyze profound shifts in the body, mind and spirit. It is a gentle, completely safe and yet exceptionally effective healing modality that engages the energetic potential hidden within essential oils; the vehicles of the plant spirits and particular plant Medicine.

The practice itself involves placing key, properly diluted oils on specific acupoints, chakras or reflex zones on the body in order to activate energetic and physiological changes. These shifts are part of a cascade of events that unfold both in linear and non-linear realities, and they foster the establishment and "remembering" of dynamic equilibrium and authentic naturalness on all levels of being.

In pairing key essential oils with specific points and energy centers we're able to access the profound power generated in mutual resonance. The Medicine of resonance is crucial in these times of extraordinary complexity in our dysfunctions and disease states. It is also essential in building and co-creating empowerment pathways within health care.

The simple elegance of this transformative technique, which is paired with an understanding and ability to assess energetic states, is an absolutely brilliant companion to any healing arts practice. Whether you are an Acupuncturist, Body Worker, Energy Worker, Nurse, Physical Therapist, Therapist, Occupational Therapist, or an "everyday healer" in your home and community... you and your clients and loved ones will benefit magnificently!

In this unique virtual training you will experience ...

  • An innovative, gentle hands-on method of treatment that allies the potency of essential oils with acupuncture, bodywork or energy work to dramatically enhance your practice
  • How to select the oils and match them accurately to specific acupoints
  • How to get transformative results treating the basic energetic imbalances that lead to common conditions such as muscle tension and pain, anxiety, overactive mind, depression, insomnia, fatigue, headaches, etc.
  • An incredibly empowering assessment model based on the Energetic and Biological Terrain
  • The specific actions of the top 22 essential oils to support and shift a client’s energetic imbalances

Aroma Point Therapy proves invaluable for clients (or ourselves) who experience mental and emotional blocks; for treating children and the elderly, as well as for those afraid of needles. It also excels at treating those with chronic conditions who are too weak or sensitive to tolerate acupuncture. It also combines beautifully with all healing modalities.

This information and workshop delivers everything needed to start using this effective, safe and user-friendly healing modality right away.

What people have to say about APT...

This was one of the very best seminars that I’ve experienced. It both enhanced my current understanding of TCM patterns and diagnosis, and expanded these horizons into an entirely new and invigorating perspective. Thank you for blazing these trails!

— Bruce Gustafson LAc

I cannot thank you enough for the weekend. I hit the ground running that Monday morning and have used oils on all my patients – it's been awesome. I really am so thrilled with the oils! They have deepened my practice and my own personal connection to the points and to healing! The oils go where words cannot! I am so grateful!

— Christine Nichols LAc

Adding this to my practice has made my treatments more effective and long lasting. I have witnessed quicker and more significant changes with symptoms and patterns and I have seen improvement with cases that had hit a plateau in terms of progress. APT has helped to increase my confidence as a practitioner and has helped many of my patients experience significant shifts in their patterns. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and creating a system of using essential oils that fits into the TCM scope and practice seamlessly.

— Emily Andrews LAc

I appreciate your passion, honesty and transparency about everything that goes into treating patients. I absolutely loved the treatments; they were so profound even though so simple.

— Sarah Vosen

The seminar opened up an entirely new understanding of the energy of not only the acupuncture points that were utilized but also the depth at which we can access their functions when combining them with the energy of essential oils. I have been familiar with the clinical as well as the personal use of aromatherapy for over 25 years and yet I felt I learned so much more about our ‘green friends/helpers.’

— Muin Daly LAc

The clarity and organization of the Aroma Acupoint teaching is profound and humbling. The wealth of information that was shared and practiced in just two days is phenomenal, and I’m coming away with highly relevant clinical information that I can take into my practice right away. The teaching is beautifully distilled, clear and exciting! Most sincere thanks for a truly amazing workshop.

— Ellen Ellis LAc

This was the best seminar I have ever attended. You reminded me why we all practice this medicine ... the magic, the science, the purpose, the connection to nature and spirit, and the power of plant medicine.

— Elisa Angelone LAc

  1. Discover how to effectively treat the most common conditions that are present today
  2. Learn essential safety information for incorporating oils into your practice
  3. Gain access to empowering energetic insight and understandings on the most important essential oils for our times
  4. Discover an assessment model that helps bridge your logical and intuitive ways of knowing; fostering confidence in your work and offerings
  5. Imagine being able to support your clients on all levels in the most engaging and elegant ways

14 NCCAOM CEs available.

Your Instructor

Tiffany Carole MS LAc., EAMP
Tiffany Carole MS LAc., EAMP

Tiffany Carole, a life-long teacher, has an uncanny way of of honoring both the logical and intuitive in such a way that allows for brilliant integrations and meaningful upgrades in development on all levels.

Tiffany draws on her background in science and naturopathic medicine, and merges this with her deep passion and developmental understanding of Chinese and energetic medicine. Tiffany is the creator and facilitator of Aroma Point Therapies, creator of the Master Healer program, teaches professionally accredited seminars in The Treatment of Addictions with Energetic Medicine, The Treatment of Mental and Emotional Conditions with Essentials Oils, and Pelvic Care with Essential Oils. She has many other unique courses that support Empathic individuals, Children, Teens and those desiring to transform trans-generational trauma.

Tiffany is the co-creator of Blue Dolphin Essential Oils for children and a contributor to Monara Essential Oils, supporting those in the healing arts with quality essential oils and education. Tiffany is a published author of Chinese and Energetic Medicine articles and is an activist in regards to personal and collective empowerment through natural medicine.

Course Curriculum

  Dynamics of Fragrance Videos + Chart
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  The Energetic & Biological Terrains
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Available in days
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Available in days
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Available in days
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Available in days
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  Dysregulatory Condition Support
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  Spinal Treatments
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  Aroma Point Therapy Safety Considerations
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  Congratulations... Completion! How to get CEU's & Certificate of Completion
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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
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