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Liberate Layers of Generational Beliefs & Patterns of Lack Consciousness

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Be Richness Embodied

When we are rich we are resourced.

When we are rich we are unencumbered.

When we are rich we discover our fullness expressed in each moment.

Being rich is our birthright.

Richness describes a state or condition where there is dynamic flow of resources and enrichment; sacred reciprocity.

Sacred reciprocity is a Universal Law. It describes the truth of nature’s expression as unending generosity. Death is never separate from Life; endings never separate from beginnings. It encapsulates duality and polarity within the truth of wholeness.

When we live as expressions of Sacred Reciprocity it is deeply satisfying, honoring and exciting! This is because it’s how we were meant to live. It feels like the truth. It feels like Home.

The norm is to not know what it is like to have a dynamic flow of resources. Reciprocity seems inaccessible, and there is a disconnect with sacredness in life. This creates instability within self and perpetuates states of lack.

But you are meant to experience and give rise to richness

The most true truth of who and what you are is RICH.

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Being rich means you have plentiful flow on all levels. But most importantly it means that you know how to embody the truth of richness and in so doing give rise to what you need when you need it!

If you can allow yourself to be resourced (and you can be)… then you can be unencumbered; you can be Yourself. Then richness is not only your experience, it’s also your contribution to the world.

It really is art. It is nature. It is life.

Many associate richness with money. I want you to understand that richness is about so much more than money. Richness is the fabric of our experiences throughout all aspects of our life.

But if we exclude money from our ‘desire to be rich’ and pursue a meaningful life of service, then things get weird and our personal and professional growth becomes distorted.

This is not the same thing as saying that we need money to be happy (we know that’s not true). It’s simply acknowledging that if we deny money as part of the integrity of a “rich life” then we are not being honest with ourselves or others; hence the distortion.

What do I mean by distortion in relationship to personal and professional life?

You may experience distortion as feeling like a fraud in what you’re doing. Others may hear you saying one thing (something you want) but feel an underlying incongruence with the words. Meaning, you say one thing with words, but everything else about you is saying the opposite.

This leads to wobbly confidence, choppy life progress, experiences of feeling defeated, jealousy of others, confusion and perpetual challenge in being the person you want to be.

It can show up as pretending to be okay or even happy with someone or a circumstance, when you’re really not.

It’s evidenced in tolerating things you really don’t want.

Distortion is the natural result of being divided within yourself and choosing that division (often unconsciously) over what you truly desire.

This leads to quieting our voice, shutting down our truth, and not giving ourselves permission to name what we really want.

This directly blocks the richness that is our birthright, and we don’t have to live like that!

We don’t have to disrupt our natural ability to experience wealth.

If you Decide to Be Rich, you return to your natural state and claim your birthright.

But you must truly decide.

So, what does it mean to decide?

A true decision is an alignment with a choice and it is not separate from action.

There is willingness and action involved. Willingness comes from conscious choice and conscious choice gives way to inspired action.

Inspired action empowers your decision, making it a true decision.

If there is no action then there is no real decision; this is the difference between wishful thinking and thought that creates worlds (and wealth!).

With no real decision, you find yourself back at square one, repeating patterns and experiencing lack.

By its very nature a true decision is one of the most empowering and dynamic positions that we can choose in our human experience. When we decide and act in alignment with conscious choice we create the future.

What future would you like to create?

The consciousness of lack, and fear of ‘not enough’ is the default operating principle stemming from distortions in power. In other words, whenever we are operating from anything other than full empowerment within, we inevitably create from a place of lack.

Creating from lack gives rise to more fear in regards to ‘not enough’ perpetuating the cycles of lack and deprivation consciousness within the collective.

Your true decision and inspired action is the essential step to full empowerment within.

Are you ready to experience richness in your life?

I invite you to bring an end to the cycle of lack and deprivation consciousness. I invite you to Decide to Be Rich.

Most people will say that they would like to have or experience greater wealth.

But when it comes to the Creation of this wealth, things can get really baffling, confusing and downright frustrating very fast!

It can feel easy to get excited about the experience of wealth and acknowledging richness as a birthright, but the moment you step forward to take action, your subconscious interrupts.

Our subconscious is programmed with the money and abundance templating not only of our family of origin but also of our culture and our class.

Have you noticed how quickly your enthusiasm gets suffocated by the subconscious when beliefs, patterns, and programs from multiple layers rise to the surface!?

The subconscious is profoundly influential in the daily, automated operations of the psyche and the mind.

I realized this when I found myself repeating many of the same lack patterns as my parents even though I felt very conscious about NOT wanting to do that!

Money was a struggle. I would spend and avoid. Ease and trust with money flow was not something that I felt I could access consistently and I certainly couldn't trust it!

My relationship to richness on the subconscious level was one of “beg, borrow and steal.” In a nutshell it was that if a significant flow of resources was to come to me it would be because someone else felt sorry for me, or I had to manipulate to get it, or somehow I got freakishly lucky and there was no repeatable logic to it.

I continually sabotaged my own desires for abundance and didn’t even know I was doing it.

I’m Tiffany Carole- a Medicine Woman and a Soulful Entrepreneur. Through deep clinical and personal study and practical application I’ve developed the processes and perspective that Decide to Be Rich is built upon. I’ve experienced firsthand the results it creates. I’ve changed my own life, and helped many others transform theirs from one of trans-generational lack to one of incredible richness on all levels.

Now it’s time. I’d like to show you exactly how to decide to be rich too.

The Details! What exactly is this program and what does it include?

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Before we can experience richness on all levels, we have to acknowledge our subconscious beliefs, patterns, and templating.

You may want something on a conscious level but have beliefs, thought patterns and subsequent actions that operate in direct opposition to this desire.

Remember when I said that if we exclude money from our desire to be rich, a distortion occurs? This is it - wanting one thing, but believing and operating against it without being fully aware of the dichotomy.

This is what makes us feel like we’re trying everything to change our state of lack, but nothing is working.

This is serious.

You no longer have time to waste with completely unproductive inner conflict (much of which you are not even consciously aware of!).

The massive worldwide Metamorphosis that we are in the midst of requires that we respond. And it’s time to respond with even more conscious intentionality than we have ever known.

This includes conscious intentionality around money and wealth as money is one of the primary ways that we channel energy. It’s potent!

Think of the world laid out as an energetic map. Each human being is an energetic point. You can see where sacred reciprocity is occurring as flowing lines between points. These points and lines are vibrant and colorful, filled with richness.

Then there are points that have no flowing lines. These points are not connected to anything or anyone through sacred reciprocity. They are not vibrant. They are experiencing lack, detachment, and isolation.

As more and more points (individuals) on the map light up, connect, experience richness, wealth, and conscious intentionality, humanity becomes more enriched. With life force and focus we can ourselves become embodiments of wholeness and we can help others to do the same.

Can you feel that our life force and focus is needed now more than ever?

If we are divided fundamentally about money it is difficult to be a powerfully focused and intentional human being.

Becoming undivided about money and a focused and intentional human being requires understanding and harnessing the power of the subconscious mind. It requires aligning the subconscious mind with conscious choice to create inspired action.

Now, we’re getting somewhere.

These understandings plus potent, simple practices will completely change your life - completely change your relationship to richness on all levels. And open portal ways for you to become the you that you feel you are but don’t quite know how to access fully.

I’d like to guide you through the process over 3 weeks of richness training that is life-changing.

At this point, you may be wondering what exactly happens when you decide to be rich.

When we decide to be rich we decide to be ourselves.

Imagine feeling and being rich in all areas of your life including money.

Imagine being the embodiment of complete financial freedom.

Imagine being free of needing to please or impress others in order to ensure your financial survival (no more pretending or tolerating what you don’t want).

Imagine enjoying the beautiful things and experiences that bring you so much joy but have previously felt unaccessible to you.

Decide to Be Rich provides the essential foundation for the rest of the life that you genuinely desire.

Decide and take the journey.

You may be wondering, why you have not fixed this circumstance of lack before now or why you didn’t understand this until now.

But this is something you were never taught. Money, your relationship to money, and the energetic expression of money in the mainstream, is not considered sacred. Most of us never developed a healthy, rich relationship with money and what it means to be truly wealthy.

We don’t learn this in schools.

Parents don’t teach this.

Culture does not illuminate this.

And yet this science, quantum logic and grounded metaphysical understanding does exist.

And it absolutely works.

I will be sharing with you exactly what transformed my life from one of “richness sabotage” to incredible richness, wealth and creativity. The very things that I share with my clients as they are honing their inner brilliance and birthing their future Self.

There is literally no time like now to decide to be rich!

It is up to us to transform the distortions in relationship to money and sacred reciprocity.

We can absolutely do this with ease, grace and beauty.

Are you ready to begin?

Who is this for and what can I expect realistically?

This 3 week course is for anyone who desires more wealth (on any level) and who feels called to contribute to positive change in the world.

If you’re an Entrepreneur or Healer who wants to deepen your impact through transforming your relationship with money, this is for you. If you’re simply on a journey to transform your life and step into the Self that creates your desires, this is for you. Most importantly, if you know that you’re here to do or experience something deep and profound, you’re in the right place.

  • You can expect to have life-changing epiphanies and insights around money and wealth.
  • You can expect to be skillfully guided in the process of connecting these insights to a foundation of meaningful change that nourishes your heart and soul’s true desires.
  • You can expect to witness what may feel like “magical” changes in your energy and money flow.
  • You can expect to witness things shifting with so much more grace and ease and flow as your subconscious programming begins to lose its control on your life.

With continued use of the tools and practices you will notice that things you’ve been asking for for so long begin to flow into your life and that you’re ready and able to receive all the richness you’ve dreamed of!

You’ll notice you feel more and more like yourself… full, rich, resourced and free, and that you didn’t have to “try harder” to “make it happen.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish and what is the format?
The course begins as soon as you register! There are four engaging videos in addition to life changes tools including Aroma Point sequences for abundance and subconscious reprogramming created just for you. You will also find the Wealth Thesis worksheet and video.
How long do I have access to the course?
You have full, ongoing access to all of the recordings + supportive materials and subconscious reprogramming (it doesn't expire and you can easily download the support tracks).
What is your refund policy?
There are no refunds for Decide to Be Rich. Conscious decision making is standing behind your heart and soul "knowing" and trusting that what you have been asking for arises to meet you in your desire. If you were led to this page and this place inside of yourself, and you are lit up at the thought of Decide to Be Rich and all the treasures that await, make the decision and don't look back. Feel the power in that.
How does this relate to my healing work?
Remember the visual I gave of the map? When you heal your relationship with money and embrace sacred reciprocity, your healing work becomes even greater. You connect more points of flow and make a bigger impact through your healing work.
I don’t have a healing business, does it matter?
Not at all. I work with people who are interested in healing, transformation, and the power essential oils contribute to the process for themselves. This program is the first reveal of the work I’ve done in my life which has led to my own wealth and beautiful richness experience. It feels like it’s the right time to bring this forward.

How will I make these deep and even subconscious changes?

Every day of the course, you’ll work on your Wealth Creation Thesis worksheet. This becomes your blueprint of richness and grounds your desires into practical, simple actions.

We’ll work on subconscious reprogramming (through audios I’ve made for you) to begin to change the beliefs and patterns that stem from your family of origin, culture, and class. Releasing these subconscious beliefs and patterns can remove the distortion that is creating the experiences of lack in your life.

I’ll guide you through content in your course portal on how to use Aroma Point sequences to unlock abundance. These powerful tools can be used anytime, anywhere to create instant and valuable shifts in consciousness.

Together, we’ll move through the simple, yet effective ceremony that I’ve found to profoundly shift generations of lack consciousness.

This is a life-changing process that can usher in wealth consciousness on all levels. This experience is exponentially rich AND connects you to your innate power and growing ability to create and grow richness.

Join me for profoundly liberating context and practices that will reprogram your subconscious and set you free from the prison of lack. Plus conscious templating that gives rise to holistic abundance on all levels of being.

And so it shall be


Your Instructor

Tiffany Carole MS LAc., EAMP
Tiffany Carole MS LAc., EAMP

Tiffany Carole, a life-long teacher, has an uncanny way of of honoring both the logical and intuitive in such a way that allows for brilliant integrations and meaningful upgrades in development on all levels.

Tiffany draws on her background in science and naturopathic medicine, and merges this with her deep passion and developmental understanding of Chinese and energetic medicine. Tiffany is the creator and facilitator of Aroma Point Therapies, creator of the Master Healer program, teaches professionally accredited seminars in The Treatment of Addictions with Energetic Medicine, The Treatment of Mental and Emotional Conditions with Essentials Oils, and Pelvic Care with Essential Oils. She has many other unique courses that support Empathic individuals, Children, Teens and those desiring to transform trans-generational trauma.

Tiffany is the co-creator of Blue Dolphin Essential Oils for children and a contributor to Monara Essential Oils, supporting those in the healing arts with quality essential oils and education. Tiffany is a published author of Chinese and Energetic Medicine articles and is an activist in regards to personal and collective empowerment through natural medicine.

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