Tending the Ancestral Wounds

Understand the Six Primary Wound Types and How to Transform Them with Essential Oils + Key Practices

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  • Rich and Nourishing Six Hours of Virtual Video Engagements (divided into five parts)
  • Potent Guided Practices and Aroma Point Sequences that You can Access Anytime
  • Essential Oil Wisdom and Specific Practices for Each Wound Type
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Highly emotional and intense periods in history affect the people and the land through vibrational imprinting

The vibrational imprinting of trauma is particularly powerful because it has several points of perpetuating attraction attached to it. Not only is the imprinting itself passed down through generations but the attractor field of the traumatic patterning is also passed on.

Therefore we see a recapitulation of basic trauma themes throughout familial ancestral lines as well as cultural lines. In other words, we see certain themes of traumatic circumstances repeated generation after generation or even within the course of one person’s life.

In the past, and still within some circles, this would be referred to as a family or personal “curse.” From an energetic perspective it's simply the recapitulation of a particular vibrational dynamic which is held in place by a collection of beliefs that act as points of attraction.

I would like to share with you the energetics of the Six Primary Wound Types of our ancestors (and ourselves), and the key plant allies, in the form of essential oils that can support the transformation and resolution of these "wounds"

The Six Wound Types:

  1. Lack (this includes starvation and neglect as well as oppressive poverty)
  2. Abandonment (includes missing persons and disappearances)
  3. Violations and violence non-sexual (includes brainwashing, cults and religious abuse)
  4. Violations and violence sexual
  5. Domination and Submission (includes censorship, racism, slavery, indentured servitude, forced labor)
  6. Wartime (Includes terrorism and torture)

At the core of each of these is the oldest wound in the collective which is of Betrayal

Over these three hours you will learn about the energetics of these Six Wound Types within the Collective and understand how they may arise within you given certain circumstances

Discover the broad impacts that these wounds have within individuals, families and culture, and how the maladaptive energetic and behavioral dynamics propagate through bloodlines

Learn about 10+ key essential oils and simple practices that can brilliantly meet these distortions and naturally transmute them freeing you up for greater and sweeter connection with yourself and others

Enjoy Six incredibly potent Aroma Point Sequences to support timely resolution in each of the Wound Types

Experience the sweetest honoring of your Ancestors through this time and beyond

The time for this Medicine is now. The emergence of collective shadow, combined with the collapse of denial (lack) based architecture is giving rise to a flooding of personal and ancestral unresolved trauma within the body and psyche

We need help

Plant allies in the form of essential oils can ‘meet’ the suppressed wounds, acknowledge the pain in a trans-rational and energetic manner, and transmute the distorted vibrational patterns while encouraging greater embodiment

All of this leads to the creation of new legacy for self, family, community and world

Join me for this timely and rich journey

You will have non-expiring access to all of support materials and the workshop recordings in video format

What’s included:

  1. Six hours of recorded webinar engagements
  2. Downloadable PDF‘s for the Aroma Point Sequences
  3. Additional essential oil material for your further exploration and support
  4. 5 Guided practices created to support Transgenerational trauma resolution

Plus as a bonus you will also receive the full Transforming Transgenerational Trauma with Essential Oils course ($135.00)

All of this at an extraordinary value at just $297.00 or three payments of $99.00 over three months. There is also a pay over 8 months option available.
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Your Instructor

Tiffany Carole MS LAc., EAMP
Tiffany Carole MS LAc., EAMP

Tiffany Carole, a life-long teacher, has an uncanny way of of honoring both the logical and intuitive in such a way that allows for brilliant integrations and meaningful upgrades in development on all levels.

Tiffany draws on her background in science and naturopathic medicine, and merges this with her deep passion and developmental understanding of Chinese and energetic medicine. Tiffany is the creator and facilitator of Aroma Point Therapies, creator of the Master Healer program, teaches professionally accredited seminars in The Treatment of Addictions with Energetic Medicine, The Treatment of Mental and Emotional Conditions with Essentials Oils, and Pelvic Care with Essential Oils. She has many other unique courses that support Empathic individuals, Children, Teens and those desiring to transform trans-generational trauma.

Tiffany is the co-creator of Blue Dolphin Essential Oils for children and a contributor to Monara Essential Oils, supporting those in the healing arts with quality essential oils and education. Tiffany is a published author of Chinese and Energetic Medicine articles and is an activist in regards to personal and collective empowerment through natural medicine.

Courses Included with Purchase

Transforming Trans-generational Trauma with Essential Oils
Discover how trauma patterns propagated through ancestral and cultural lines can be transformed with essential oils and an expanded context for trauma
Tiffany Carole MS LAc., EAMP

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts Feb. 13th, 2021 with a live virtual (webinar style) engagement. You don't have to be there live. The Live Event recording will be posted and accessible within 48 hours along with all of the other support materials described, and there in no expiration for your access to the rich resources. You can access the Transforming Transgenerational Trauma with Essential Oils bonus course immediately after you register!

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