Bonus: Jasmine Shock and Trauma

Jasmine and Shock

The stages of shock, it's general symptoms and energetic condition, followed by specifically how Jasmine can support at each stage.

Stage 1: scattering
Shen scatters, (shen refers to both the mental and emotional bodies as well as the "Spirit" of the Heart), heart Qi disperses, fear floods body/mind, experience immediacy of mortality of body within the field of mortality

Jasmine can gently sooth and smooth scattered heart Qi. It can also, through its euphoria generating action, allow one's heart energy to begin to settle safely back into one's field and eventually back into the body

Stage 2: vacuity
Potency of heart Shen is compromised, chronic anxiety, loss of connection of to virtues of Heart leading to soul depravation, fear dictates distortions in relationship to power, early stage apathy and hopelessness often masked by fear-driven actions, Soul loss

Jasmine can soothe anxiety and neurotic worries and provide sweet fragrance to the soul: Helping to awaken soul sensation and displace fear for the inherent sweetness of life.

Stage 3: ossification
Maladaptive patterning becomes ossified within the personality and body, corrosive states of distrust, bitterness, cynicism, envy/ jealousy encrust the sensory perceptions

Jasmine can soften some of these states of suffering by helping to guide consciousness into the present moment and encourage the Heart to relax and remember trust. It can also gloss the mind and decrease the intensity of twisted emotional drive.

Stage 4: collapse
Ossified structures, unable to maintain their architecture due to a deprivation of nourishment of spirit, collapse. Apathy, hopelessness, and helplessness can prevail.

If used at the right time Jasmine can bring the fragrance of sweet promise to a psyche that is seemingly in disrepair. It can help restore the energetic template of trust ... self to Self, self to God/Universe, self to others.

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