Cardamom Schism Power


Cardamon EO is beautifully supportive in the process of resolving splits or schisms between the mind and the body as well as the head and Heart.

Before these splits manifest themselves in our bodies as pathology, they exist and exert force both in our psyches and within collective fields of influence in human consciousness. This influences the way energy flows through both the etheric and physical bodies. (For more information on Schisms in general, please visit that section under Neroli).

In the ‘encouragement’ and support of a reconnection (a remembrance of what’s true), or a more integrated connection of mind and body, we need gentle energetic reminders that bypass the rational mind and go straight to our Hearts and awaken these knowings in our Soul.

Cardamon does this in three primary ways:

  1. Reinforces the connection between the ‘Enteric Brain’ (the nerve center in our belly) and our Cortex and Limbic System of the Brain. This helps the fidelity of messaging, both literal and psychic, between what we refer to as the mind, and the body. In this way it can help us to relax into our capacity to know from our ‘gut’ as well as strengthen the bridge between instincts and logical mind.
  2. Warms, circulates and ‘melts’ cold and/or hardened energetic walls around the Heart. In turn the Heart can then, more and more, radiate the fullness and warmth of its nature. The body and mind can relax into the majesty of the Hearts field, and the web of connectivity within the body/mind is emphasized rather than separation and divide.
  3. Awakens our sensual nature and Animal Soul. An inherent feature in both the mind-body and the head-heart schism, is a deadening of our sensual nature and connectivity and awareness of our Animal Soul: our primal, un-convoluted nature. Cardamon awakens the senses, and enriches our entire sense based experience. This in turn ‘informs’ the Central Nervous System in a more robust and abundant manor. The result is that we literally feel more connected to our senses and our bodies. All natural processes within the body, especially digestive related ones, are enhanced from this connection. When we are alive IN our sensorial experience, our Animal Soul is fed. As a result our Authentic nature is lit up with curious and creative fire, our life is all the richer for it, and we experience less de-stabilization from self doubt.

Following is a 20 minutes talk on Cardamom and Schisms.

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