Quantum Acupoints Chart for Neroli

Healing Oil Collective CHARTS.pdf

Application Methods for the Healing Oil Collective


Apply one drop of oil onto one fingertip, connect with the other finger and apply to the points bilaterally. If a point is on the midline of the body, you will only need one drop on one finger. Typically the pointer finger or middle finger are used. Hold lighty, while putting attention on the breath, for 1 to 3 minutes or until you feel an energetic change.


The oils intrinsically don’t need to be applied with pressure to trigger the acupoints; they just need to sink down into the points to activate them. This is why the oils are applied lightly over the point and covered for a certain amount of time. However, if pressure is used it activate a more physiological response, either in addition to or to the detriment of the energetic response.

Length of Time for Holding the Point

In general, hold each point for a minimum of 40 seconds and until you sense an energetic response. This may be a couple of minutes later in some cases. When a shift happens you may see changes in the face, skin color and expression, as well as change in breathing rate and depth, voice and emotional state.


Being still and present with yourself or another as you hold the point makes so much more possible. Take a moment to center and ground yourself, then apply the oil and ‘drop in’ to the experience. Think of it as a mini-mindfullness practice and opportunity to come present in this very moment. Once you remove your finger, allow space for the experience to continue to unfold.

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